But are you doing a good job at it? Are you even doing it?

Time To Fix Your Follow-Up

Dramatically Increase Your Lead Conversions & Get More Referrals

The daily support you need to help you manage your sales pipeline... starting at $5 per day!

Services provided by BeeEPIC outsourcing

12 Ways To Optimize & Outsource Lead Conversion, Post Sales Followup & STAND OUT From The Competition.

*48% of People DON’T DO IT

*90% of People DON’T DO IT Enough

*99% of People DISLIKE Doing It


*according to quoted professional sales stats


Save time doing mundane, boring, repetitive processes, and focus on what you like doing and what you're good at doing. 

Never let a lead slip through the cracks with your very own Followupster managing your followup process for you.

With your Followupster by your side, turn more leads into prospects, thus more opportunities, resulting in more deals.







*We charge a flat $49 per month support fee in addition to fees you'll pay direct to your virtual assistant.

"Are you leaving fortunes on the table?"

Sales experts, guru’s and trainers all emphasize, “The fortune is in the followup”, and that 80% of all prospects convert to customers after 5-8 contacts.

Sales experts and trainers such as Jim Rohn, Brian Tracy, Zig Ziglar, Grant Cardone… ALL tell you “the fortune is in the followup”.

However, the follow-up process is mundane, boring, repetitive work that very few people like to do it, and thus most don’t do it, and the few that do, don’t do it consistently! 

Even sales professionals only tend to follow up only 2 times, yet the National Sales Executive Association, state 80% of sales are made after 5-8 contacts.  
Entrepreneurs, professionals, business owners will happily invest time and money in networking, generating leads, only to see their sales and follow-up process let them down....  

That can all change today!

We Can Help

Lead Generation (B2B) | Lead Conversion | Lead Referrals

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  • Business & Life Coaches
  • ​Real Estate Professionals
  • ​Network Marketing Professional
  • ​Dentist | Chiropractors | Spas
  • ​Home Service Businesses
  • ​Sales Professionals
  • ​Sales Dev Reps
  • ​Speakers
  • ​Service Professionals
  • ​And many more niches...
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Integrate REAL mail marketing to stay top of mind with your leads and referral network.

Your 'Follow Up Bee' Virtual Assistant can manage your Real Mail marketing system:
Requesting details, adding info to software platforms, setting up campaigns...

The 3 Pro's

  • Proven PROcesses
  • Tested PROgrams (software)
  • Dedicated PROfessional

Will help you

Reduce PROcrastination, Improve PROductivity, Increase PROfits

Outsource the hustle of your followup process to your Followupster Virtual Assistant for as low as $5 per day


Waking up to a message from your Follow-Up-Bee Virtual Assistant with details of who to call today...
Opening up your google calendar and seeing an appointment with a prospect with all your prospects details…

Someone else doing the post networking follow-up using a deal flow software…

Never having to type in the details of your leads into a CRM again…

No more boxes of business cards...

Having someone research content, managing your social media calendar, posting content and tracking likes, comments or shares...

Stop imagining... time to turn DREAMS into REALITY and say goodbye to the mundane, boring, repetitive nature of driving a sales followup and social media process and say hello to your Followupster.

Time To Let Your Follow-Up-Bee Virtual Assistant Handle The Hustle!

Sales Followup Processes Your Followupster Can Help You With:

  • Hot/Warm/Existing lead followup
  • Post-Networking followup
  • Post-Speaking followup
  • ​Post-Tradeshow followup
  • ​Deal Flow Management
  • ​Inbound lead generation followup
  • ​Facebook group management & lead conversion
  • ​Facebook ad interaction followup
  • ​FB/IG Post engagement followup

Think about ALL those leads you've let slip through
 the cracks?

Experiences & Trained

Every Follow-Up-Bee Virtual Assistant is carefully selected, vetted and trained

Not having a good followup process is like trying to fill up 
your bathtub without first putting the stopper in the 
drain - you simply would not do.... but that's its like when you don't have a good followup process in place. 

Fix Your Follow Up Using The Connect ABC Framework

Set up a lead nurturing and conversion using ABC:

Add Value
Be Valuable
Lets Chat


We Charge A Flat Low Monthly Fee To Cover Performance Review, Process Optimization:


Unlike other managed services we charge one flat low monthly fee regardless of the number of hours the virtual assistant works for you.

Support Fee:

  • $49 per month w/ unlimited email/chat support (for VAs working 1-4 hours per day)


Hire a Virtual Assistant for as low as $5 per hour, minimum 1 hour per day to full time 8 hours a day), working in your time zone.


Affordable, convenient, efficient setup options:

  • Identify, Qualify, Train Virtual Agent
  • Design Follow Up Process
  • ​Sales Pipeline Software Setup
  • ​Email Messages
  • ​Linkedin Headline & Banner
  • ​Includes 30 Days of Virtual Agent Management

Setup Fee: $297

Ready To Increase Your Sales?

What Our Clients Saying About Us

Dr. Ken Campos

"I wish I had found my Follow-Up-Bee Virtual Assistant months ago! They helped me set up my outreach process, they wrote my Linkedin and email templates to help me find and enroll expert guests for my podcast, and a virtual assistant to run the process for me."

Yoggi Parmar

"Absolutely love this service. I needed this so much. I now have a process for networking followup, social media posting followup and Facebook Ad engagement followup. I save time and don't have to worry about the followup."

Dan Burke

"From client meeting to close, ollow-Up-Bee Virtual Assistant helped me create a step-by-step process that helped me close 5 figures in one month after a dry spell.

A service so vital to your success, starting at a low monthly price you can afford.


Outsource The Hustle For As Low As $149 Per Month

Helping Solopreneurs, Professionals, Micropreneurs & Small Businesses Outsource To Virtual Assistants
Since 2009

How 'Follow-Up-Bee' Came To Bee

The idea for 'Follow-Up-Bee' came from over a decade of working with 100s of virtual assistants and 1000s of entrepreneurs as COO of a call center based in the Phillippines.

From 2009-2019, we provided a range of services ranging from $500-$1300 per month, costing our clients almost $10 to $15 per hour, which was not ideal for today's price-sensitive and price-aware solopreneurs, professionals, sales professionals, networking marketing professionals,, microbusinesses.

In 2019, after I parted ways with the outsourcing company, I wanted to develop a unique model of outsourcing to save clients money, while ensuring VAs made the most money possible. I also thought about core services VAs could provide to help clients make more money.

I reflected on my own experience as an entrepreneur and realised that I sucked at "FOLLOW UP", and thus, this resulted in the birth of Follow-Up-Bee', a micro process outsourcing service offered by BeeEPIC Outsourcing.

Instead of charging our client's heavily inflated hourly rates ($12-$15 per hour), we choose to charge a one-time setup fee, super low monthly support fee, the flexibility and cost saving of paying your VA directly. Thus our clients get the benefits of a managed service without the high costs, and our Virtual Assistants get paid the highest rates in the industry.

Beejel Parmar
Chief Followup Officer

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